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  • Primary and election results from around the Lake Region

  • The election results from the June Primary Election held in Ramsey County on Tuesday, June 10 are as follows:
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  • The election results from the June Primary Election held in Ramsey County on Tuesday, June 10 are as follows:
    Republican U.S. Representative: Kevin Cramer 826, write in 2 = 828
    Democrat U.S. Representative: George Sinner 515, write in 1 = 516
    Libertarian U.S. Representative: Robert J. Seaman 13
    State Senator District 15 Republican Dave Oehlke 825, 5 write ins = 830
    Democrat write ins - 38
    State Representatives District 15 Dennis Johnson 798, Curt Hofstad 775, write ins 8
    Democrat write ins - 44
    Secretary of State
    Republican Al Jaeger 808
    Democrat April Fairfield 474
    Libertarian Roland Riemers 12
    Attorney General
    Rep. Wayne Stenehjem 824
    Dem. Kiara Kraus-Parr 470
    Ag Commission
    Rep. Doug Goehring 801
    Dem. Ryan Taylor 523
    Public Service Commission
    Rep. Brian Kalk 794
    Dem. Todd Reisenauer 477
    PSC Unexp. 2 year term
    Rep. Julie Fedorchek 786
    Dem. Tyler Axnes 479
    Tax Commission
    Rep. Ryan Rauschenberger 780
    Dem. Jason Astrup 477
    Lib. Anthony Mangnall 10
    Justice of Supreme Court Gerald Vande Walle 1,231
    Judge of District Court No. 3 Michael Sturdevant 1,192
    Judge of District Court No. 4 Donovan Foughty 1,367
    Ramsey County Commissioner at Large (2)
    Adam Leiphon 895
    Scott Diseth 789
    Ed Brown 667
    Jay Klemetsrud 575
    Ramsey County Auditor
    Elizabeth Fischer 1,406
    County States Attorney Lonnie Olson 1,385
    County Recorder Katie Nadeau 1,350
    County Treasurer Lisa Diseth 1,406
    Ramsey County Sheriff Steve Nelson 1,366
    Director Garrison Diversion Ramsey County - John Peyerl 1,336
    Devils Lake Journal Official County Newspaper 1,366
    President Devils Lake City Commission Richard Johnson 698
    Devils Lake City Commission (2)
    Craig Stromme 691
    Rick Morse 652
    House Concurrent Resolution
    •Constitutional Measure No. 1 would amend the North Dakota Constitution by changing the filing deadline for a submitted initiated measure petition from 90 days to 120 days before a statewide election, and providing any challenges regarding measure petitions must be filed with the Supreme Court no later than 75 days before the election.
    Yes 783
    No 659
    County Measure
    •County Measure No. 1 asked “Should the current emergency services communication (9-1-1) fee not to exceed $1.00 per month per “communication connection” (telephone access line, wireless access line, unique voice over Internet protocol service connection, or functional equivalent uniquely identifiable by a number, internet address, or other designation) for the operation and maintenance of the 9-1-1 emergency services communication system be increased to a maximum *not to exceed) $1.50 per month? Voter approval would allow a fee, not to exceed $1.50 per month per “communication connection” to become effective January 1, 2015, with the revenue dedicated to maintaining and operating the emergency services communication (9-1-1) system as required by state law.
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    Yes 793
    No 745
    Other city results:
    City Council 4 yr. term (2)
    Mary Werner 5
    Justin Roppel 5
    City Council 2 yr. term (1)
    Derrall Myers 3
    Churchs Ferry
    Council 4 yr. term (2)
    Write ins
    Julie Christenson 4
    Donna Eli 4
    Council 4 yr. term (1)
    Brian Hanson 10 (tie)
    Byron Engberg 10 (tie)
    Council 2 yr. term (1)
    Shawn Weltikol 18
    Write in Michael Schall 2
    Council Member 4 yr.
    term (2)
    Casey J. Miller 7
    Andrew Jorde 6
    Mayor, 4 yr. term
    Louis Weber
    Council member 4 yr.
    term (3)
    Rose Pecka 5
    Jeff Wimer 5
    Laddie Pecka 5
    Council - 4 yr. term (2)
    Robert Harpestad 39
    Arthur Verke 15
    Douglas Loff 37
    write in Owen Sampson 1
    Park Board
    Write in
    Sunny Johnson 3
    Douglass Loff 1
    Bruce Berg 1
    Craig Kettelsen 2
    Aaron Johnson 2
    Robert Aanstad 3
    Suzanne Blair 1
    Glen Weber 11
    write in Monica Griedl 3
    Council Member (2)
    Doug Stinkeoway 13
    Gary Erickstad 11
    Write in Randy Griedl 1
    All results will be in the November General Election except the city results, the June 10 election was their General Election.
    For more information go to www.co.ramsey.nd.us
    The Devils Lake Public School District results of that election held Tuesday, June 10, as well:
    Elected for a three-year term:
    Veronica Nicla 82 votes
    Steven Halldorson 98 votes
    Write ins Tyler Knutson 28, Mike Boehmer 2, Carol Bommersbach 1, Carol Gibson 1, Eric Aasmundstad 9, Kevin Gathman 1, Trish Schindele 1 and Nancy Lundon 1.
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