It's that time again, time to ring out the old year and ring in the new.  Most of us resolve to make changes in the New Year, wipe the slate clean, so to speak, and start anew.  I thought it might be fun to share the most commonly made and most commonly broken New Year's resolutions.

The Top Resolutions include:   Lose weight ;  Spend more time with family and friend;  Quit smoking;   Enjoy life more;  Drink less ;  Buy Local

Ok, I admit, I added number 6. But, Buying Local is really important and in case you are feeling some internet buyer’s guilt, now is your chance to start fresh.  We have often written about the importance of shopping locally, but just a friendly New Year’s reminder, here is some top ten reasons why:

1.  Provides jobs for residents- who don’t have to commute or may be high school and college kids 2.  Keep our community unique- what you purchase in Boonville can’t always be found anywhere else, gets people talking and can bring tourists into town to shop.

3.  Local businesses often provide better service because they know who you are and what you like!

4.  Pay local taxes which support out parks, fire, police, roads and everything else that gives us a liveable community.

5.  Support local community groups- Local businesses sponsor sport teams, dance troupes, food banks, animal shelters and more. They can ONLY support these groups when you support them.

6.  Support other local businesses- You shop local, they shop local; it is a happy circle that just keeps on going!

7.  Live and invest locally- If you love Boonville and you want to keep it cool then you have to invest in your town, buying locally is an investment in Boonville.

8.  Provide products and services close to home- Who really wants to drive to another town to get those supplies you need? Shopping locally saves gas!

9. In a small local business you matter more- every dollar counts and local business can be more accommodating to local needs than a large chain store.

10. Benefit from local owner’s expertise and knowledge- We have all had the experience of a store clerk who can’t seem to answer your question- local businesses owners are usually experts on their products, uses, needs, installation, etc.

So make a new year's resolution that not only benefits you, but the community.  Resolve to Eat Down the Street, Think Local First, and Buy Local, Go Boonville.