Many of us have too much "stuff" so Christmas is the time to look beyond ourselves.

What is on your letter to Santa?

Living where we do and when we do, most of us lack for nothing.

I have family, friends, a home, an education, pets, health.  However, I am keenly aware that many, many people around the world, and in the US, lack homes, food, education, jobs, opportunities, basic sanitation and safety.  So, my list for Christmas and the New Year is:

Jobs for those who need one Shelter for the homeless Nutritious meals for the hungry Health care for all, including mental health care Safety for those who are abused:  women, children, the disabled and elderly, and yes, the animals who are abused, fearful, and neglected Warm, clean clothes for the needy A toy for every child A friend or a pet for the lonely Education for all in the arts, sciences, history, math, wise living.  Elected officials who work for the good of the People A spirit of cooperation in congress and all nations   Acceptance of differences Stewardship of the land, air, water, and all resources Gratitude to those people and animlals who protect Gratitude to those people and animals who tend the sick and  frail Gratitude to those who grow, tend, and harvest food Gratitude to animals who give their lives that we may eat Gratitude to those who clean our homes, yards, offices, schools,hospitals Gratitude to those who forgive and who work toward reconciliation Gratitude to those who build and maintain buildings, transportation systems, sanitary and water systems Gratitude to parents who raise kind, responsible adults who will create Peace on Earth…

 May we all as individuals and as citizens of the world exemplify the Meaning of the Season.