The Lake Region Curling Club will soon be up and running.

The Lake Region Curling Club is just about ready to open up to the public.

As seen in the photo above, all sheets of ice have been painted with precision, and after today’s second flooding, the ice should be ready to go for this Monday night.

Mondays and Wednesdays are intermediate competitive nights, which, according to club president Dwight Noltimier, is a great night for beginners to come in and learn how to play the game.

Tuesday nights are reserved for experienced, competitive curling, and Thursday nights would be “Challenge League Night” should the club garner enough interest.

According to Noltimier, his primary goal is to fill up the sheets every night, especially on Wednesday night, which again, is a night for beginners. If the club can fill Wednesday nights with eight teams, they would have over 150 members, a figure that may have been closer to 40-45 just 10 years ago.

The club is growing, and Noltimier hopes that increased participation from prospective curlers can help the club grow even more.

So, if you’re interested in learning how to curl, pursue it. You have an opportunity learn at the Lake Region Curling Club.