Holiday shopping experiences

Holiday Shopping Up Here

          Along with all the estimates on how much Americans are or not spending on holiday shopping, the news networks have also recently reported several shopping horror stories.   From the comparatively mild of shoppers pushing and elbowing each other out the way to stabbings in parking lots, shoppers tasering each other for a better spot in line and hijacking a much wanted item from another shopper’s cart the bad side of human behavior was on full display.  

Personally, I want to know more about the tasering incident. How does one “just happen” to have a taser along when shopping?  Instead of double checking you have your credit card and wallet, you stop at the front door to locate your favorite taser? Does everyone in the family have their own?  And in different colors so you know whose is whose?  My mind just can’t wrap itself around that one.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, my sister, niece and I were fortunate to be together and to spend some of that time shopping.  Our shopping experiences reflect a different realm of human behavior.  We encountered a man in a parking lot who waved us over to indicate he would be exiting his prime parking spot immediately and for us to wait to snatch it up.   We were alerted by soft spoken shopper that my niece had unknowingly dropped her shopping list.  Another shopper shared a discount coupon book she would not be using as she exited a store and we entered.   Over hearing us discuss an empty shelf, one young woman shared the location of more of the same item. 

Maybe it’s Midwest Nice; maybe it’s because my niece is unbelievable cute (that’s what we told her!) or maybe ND is in some type of alternative universe when it coming to shopping.  Whatever the reason, in addition to jobs for oil workers in western ND, perhaps we should begin to advertise shopping in ND – “Low taxes, Great Selection and No Tasering!”.