Announcing a free concert by the Kirksville Community Chorus.


December 9th will mark the midway point of my tenth year directing Kirksville Community Chorus.  I shouldn’t be writing a report, but this is a highly personal subject for me.  The chorus was started in 1998.  I lived in Hawaii at that time.  I returned to Kirksville after my studies at Northeast Missouri State University in the early 1980s.  My reintroduction to Kirksville came after I had become quite different in many ways. For example, during my seventeen year absence, I lost my vocal cords.

My first stint in Kirksville saw me dashing from place to place, making music wherever I could.  I directed Franklin Street Singers at the Truman State University during graduate school and continued for another two years following that.  During that time I also led a group of women who enjoyed singing barbershop music.  I taught music to children from grades one through eight at Mary Immaculate School.  I was quite a lot younger then and a bit more energetic.  Keeping up such a varied schedule was less of a challenge, if I can remember correctly.

Now I have fewer responsibilities, but my calendar is still full and I keep busy most of the time, though I rarely dash these days.

Monday, December 9th at 7:30 p.m., Kirksville Community Chorus will present their annual fall/Christmas concert.  There is no admission charge for this concert.  The chorus has enjoyed wonderful attendance at their concerts throughout these ten years,

I always construct a concert that is different from the previous one.  This concert is no exception.  We will begin with the performance of several “secular” Christmas songs that begin with “Deck the Halls” and continue with news of the changing weather, the arrival and means of transportation for Santa Claus, and finally the need for Santa to make a hasty exit due to being caught in the act of kissing “Mommy.”

Grace Notes, a group of eleven women, will then sing John Rutter’s “Christmas Lullabye,” “On this Winter’s Night,” as sung by Lady Antebellum, and “African Noel.”  All of these songs will also feature Katherine Krebs playing the flute.

Following that we will perform a series of classical selections including Rachmaninoff’s beautiful setting of “Ave Maria,” works by Willan, Michael Haydn, Saint-Saens and Mozart.

The concert will come to a close with an invitation for the audience to sing along on a series of carols, followed by John Rutter’s “I Wish You Christmas” and closing with “Silent Night,” accompanied by Rev. Jim Pitney playing guitar, with a solo verse by Lindsey Blake in the original German.  Additional instrumentation throughout the concert will include Dr. Jesse Krebs playing clarinet and Katherine Krebs on the flute.  Mary Goodman will accompany from the piano and the organ keyboards. 

Be sure to join us for this celebration of Christmas music that is sure to stay with you through the frantic shopping season.