Shop Small this holiday season

 It is amazing how the next big “thing” these days isn’t really big at all, but rather small. Think about computers, cell phones, and everything else. These days the real breakthroughs are coming in making things smaller, lighter, sleeker, and more compact. I usually am happy that small is the growing trend, except that it is my kids to eat or carry off  to parts unknown. I just know there is a whole cache of small things hidden somewhere in my house- now to find it! And I hate losing things, especially when it is something I really depend on- like my cell phone. It may be small but I am worried when I lose it, like an essential part of me is missing. Before I go further, I have to say, I am just fine to put my phone down and I am not a crazy texter, Tweeter, or Facebook updater; but I do rely on my phone. It usually keeps me where I need to be, when I need to be there. Also, my phone is an investment, it wasn’t cheap – so when it’s missing I do get a little panicky.

You know, I feel this same way about small businesses, too. I would suggest that perhaps small is the next big thing in our town, as well. Think about it, small businesses are a great investment- more money returns to our community than when you shop at a box store or online. These small businesses reinvest in social and civic organizations by supporting youth programs, arts programs, and don’t forget all the great groups that provide essential services to Boonville’s most vulnerable populations. Also, the sales tax that is generated by buying Boonville helps to keep our parks beautiful, our brand new pool full, and our police and fire departments ready to respond to emergencies.

 All of these benefits are really the critical building blocks for a great community, none of which would be possible if everyone didn’t shop locally. Like losing my cell phone, the idea of losing all the great independent shops in town makes me a little panicky- it would definitely be losing an essential part of Boonville. This holiday season, jump on the latest trend and shop small. Get started this Saturday, and participate in the national “Shop Small Business Saturday” and visit your favorite stores in town. We wish everyone a magical and beautiful holiday season. Buy local, play local, and Go Boonville!