On Thursday, Dec. 12 a very special event will take place in the city of Devils Lake.

On Thursday, Dec. 12 a very special event will take place in the city of Devils Lake.

The “Reflections of Love” tree will be lit on the grounds of Mercy Hospital - each light on the tree lit “In memory of ... ”, “In honor of ...”, “Prayers for ...”, or “Greetings to ...” a special friend, relative or loved one.

Blue lights - $5
Green lights - $15
Red lights - $25
Purple lights - $35
Gold lights - $50 or more

It is the 18th year for this special event in the Devils Lake community.
Thanks to a generous contribution from Bremer Bank, enabling Hospice to purchase new LED lighting, the tree will shine even brighter this year. Otter Tail Power Company helps out each year by stringing the lights on the enormous tree.

The donations received from this fundraiser go to the Hospice program to offset the expenses incurred by the Hospice program in order to provide the care for those who need it. Often Medicare or private insurance reimbursement does not traditionally cover all the expenses incurred with patient care. Medicare has several different levels of reimbursement, with rural ND services receiving the lowest reimbursement.

Mercy Hospice staff travel many miles to see patients at home, they buy from smaller pharmacies and pay higher costs for delivery of durable medical equipment, thus creating a financial shortfall. Hospice bereavement services are often provided for a full 13 months after the death of a patient, but there is no source of financial reimbursement for these services.

To have your name printed in the Donor Recognition Book, your donation must be received by Monday, Dec. 9.

The evening’s celebration will begin at 5:30 p.m. with carols around the tree. It ends with refreshments in the hospital lobby.

The goal of Mercy Hospice is to provide a service of convenience for all who wish it.

Patient and families’ needs are their top priority. To schedule an appointment for services or drop off a delivery call toll free 1-855-860-3464 which is answered 24/7.