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Osmond’s Five Dollar Jug
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Oct. 31, 2013 12:01 a.m.

October 31 marks the 110th anniversary of the famed 6-6 tie that inspired your favorite trophy game.   Fifty years after that 1903 game apparently a gent named Osmond Culp challenged his pal Hoiman Young to a $5 wager on the 1953 edition of the Little Brown Jug game.  Culp took our beloved Wolverines…and lost….because the Gophers trounced Bennie Oosterbaan’s crew 22 to zip.   How do I know this?
Thanks to this eBay auction, we know about this wager and more specifically, the creative route our man Os took to pay off his wager.
Minnesota Jug 

Love it!  (Call me crazy but it seems a little light of the $5, although the seller admits some of the coins have been replaced.)  
The bidding on the Jug-inspired payoff starts at $45.00.
Follow MVictors on Twitter there, get your Little Brown Jug Lore here.

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