The annual Ramsey County 4-H Pancake Breakfast was held this past Sunday.  We were thrilled to serve almost 400 people!  Past 4-H members, grandparents, neighbors, community members, – the diversity of people who came to eat and lend support was amazing!  All of those individuals are greatly appreciated and thanked for their attendance!  And while a successful event would not be possible without customers, it is always the 4-H members that garner the most attention.

                At this food featured event, the 4-H members, parents and leaders do the actual cooking and food preparation.  No caterer, no ordered in hot dishes, no frozen and re-heat entrees.  The pancakes are measured and mixed by hand and then flipped by very willing workers.  We generally try to have the older (read taller) members man the grills but younger members often maneuver their way into holding spatulas.  And attempting to flip the pancakes – which is not always successful. After a few failed attempts, the would-be chef usually either masters the correct flick of the wrist or hands off the spatula to another members. In-between are several photo opportunities of where the pancake does land.

                Every hour we rotate clubs working in the kitchen. This creates a hand off “your spatula- apron –mixer” scenario where the current cooks attempt to describe their task to the group arriving on the scene.  Through no deliberate plan on anyone’s part, sometime during the morning a small detail will be forgotten to be shared and suddenly the coffee pots are empty or the oven has been on high for too long or cartons of milk have sat out for too long and become warm. A few quick adjustments and all is right with the world again. Another 4-H event has been completed and a few more people know how to flip a pancake.