The Devils Lake City Commission examines a possible ordinance that would permit the sale of fireworks during the winter months.

A number of issues were on the table for the Devils Lake City Commission to consider on Monday afternoon, most notably of which was the first reading of Ordinance No. 917, a measure that would legalize the sale of fireworks for a short window of time around New Years Eve.

Commissioners will submit a formal decision at their next meeting in two weeks. Discussion of the ordinance included concern over the amount of noise that an onslaught of suddenly legal fireworks would create, especially considering the number of noise complaints that have already been discussed with both the Police Department and the City Commission.

Police chief Keith Schroeder proposed a possible “sunset clause” to the ordinance, an action that would permit the Commission to revisit the ordinance after a pre-determined period of time in order to re-examine the ordinance and decide if it should remain law.

Discussion regarding the ordinance will resume during these next two weeks, and a final decision will be made at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 21 during the Commission’s next meeting.

The Commission accepted a bid of $208,200 from Thompson Construction to facilitate the water line for the new Walmart facility in Devils Lake, which is expected to be open for business in the spring of 2014. The price is within the city’s project budget, but it is higher than the original estimate, according to city engineer Mike Grafsgaard. However, Grafsgaard stressed to the Commission that the water line is a project that must be completed before the snow falls, and it is a job that needs to be completed in accordance to the city’s agreement with Walmart. So, the Commission agreed to proceed with the bid submitted from Thompson Construction.

A number of things were declared surplus by the City Commission and will be offered up for sale. Among the items to be offered are a police vehicle, 23 bicycles, a Toshiba 280CP printer as well as a number of items from the police evidence room: a 400 watt amplifier, a Sharp camcorder, two polaroid cameras, a Nintendo Game Cube with two controllers and two games and a JVC stereo tuner among several others. Check out the Devils Lake Journal Facebook page for a full listing of the items that will be offered for sale.

The Devils Lake Police Department announced that officer Darrin Rixen has resigned his post after finding another job in Bismarck. He wil be replaced by newly-hired officer Justin Posterick, who will start on Oct. 16.

Devils Lake fire chief Jim Moe would like  to invite all Devils Lake residents to an open house at the fire station this Wednesday from 5-7:30 p.m. This is an opportunity for anyone interested to get an extended look at the daily operations of the Devils Lake Fire Department. All are welcome to attend. Burgers and brats will be on the grill, according to Moe.

In other business, the Commission approved the appropriation of $4,500 to the Devils Lake Heritage Center.