The Devils Lake Speedway closes its doors to racing for the winter after an exciting final weekend.

The final weekend of races at the Devils Lake Speedway was a chilly one, but fans were not disappointed by all of the action.

The race classes that competed throughout the weekend included Legends, Pure Stock, Winnipeg Super Truck, Hornets, Lightning Sprints and Circle Track Minis.

The first three heats of Legends saw Dean Julsrud (No. 5), Shane Williams (No. 94) and Jessy Skalicky (No. D1RT) take first place.

The feature race for the Legends cars was one to remember as two fires broke out, which brought out two separate stops to the race.

Steven Kuntz of Bismarck was leading most of the race before his car burst into flames and ended his chances at a checkered flag finish. Luckily, Kuntz escaped from his car and didn't suffer any serious injuries.

Donavin Wiest of Wishek, N.D. went on to win the Legends feature race, which took much longer than expected due to all of the cautions.

The Pure Stock saw Stoney Kruk (No. 2), Beau Deschamp (No. 22), Dustin Ebensteiner (No. 00) and Chris Remfo (No. 44) all finish first to move on to the feature later in the night.

Stoney Kruk continued his dominance in the feature race as he went on to take first place.

In the Winnipeg Super Truck class, Jamie Vernaus (No. 2) and Rod Fidler (No. 5) both took first place in heats one and two, respectively.

Vernaus didn't let off the gas in the feature and won the event with Scotty Brown of Winnipeg taking second place.

There wasn't much difference in the Hornets heat race and the feature race. Dean Miljure of Winnipeg took first place in both races while Colton Laber of Carrington took second in both races. David Wells of Larimore finished third place in the feature.

The Lightning Sprints  had one of the most exhilarating finishes of the night during heat number three. Jared Kalynuik (No. 96) edged out Murray Temple (No. 33) in a photo finish to take first place. Heat one saw Wally Butler take the checkered flag while Dexter White Dvergsten finished first in heat two.

Roland Bernard from Winnipeg, who took second place in the second heat, ended up coming out on top in the feature race.

The Circle Track Mini's saw 16 year old Chaton Dubois finish in first place in both the heat race and the feature race.

An exciting event that also went on at the racetrack was the opportunity for local area firefighters to showcase their talent behind the wheel.

Rick Beyer of Grafton, N.D. won the firefighters race on Saturday night while Derek Brekken of Crookston won the race on Sunday night.

The Devils Lake Speedway will be begin running races again next spring. Look for even fiercer competition in 2014.