Building a dream for Boonville's future

This week is the 50th year commemoration of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech; clearly one of the best speeches ever given and certainly a pivotal moment in American history. As this 50th Anniversary passes, individuals, news commentators, writers and more are talking about their “Dream” for America, today. It got me thinking about Boonville and the “Dream” we should have for our community. Without a community Dream, how will we know where to go, where to invest and how to build Boonville? And so, here are some of my thoughts; I would love to hear yours as well.

My dream for Boonville is a community that is engaged and actively involved in shaping our future- that we are the shapers, rather than being shaped. To this end, as a community we all have to be participate, engage, and be informed. We should be sure to communicate with one another - working to embrace an “open door” policy that allows for free flowing and constantly evolving ideas. As individuals, civic and social organizations, public bodies, churches, and businesses we need to fulfill our current roles and responsibilities in the community, as well as being aware, open and ready to take on new or different roles when an opportunity or challenge arises.

I dream of a vibrant, full and prosperous Boonville that takes pride in itself. This pride is manifested in supporting local businesses, organizations and activities. This community provides opportunities for residents to enjoy the arts, culture and recreational opportunities. This community nurtures and supports the children in the community and provides educational and social programs to assist those in our community who are struggling to get by. Finally, I want this community to be one in which accomplishments and successes are celebrated, recognized and promoted.

Boonville, not unlike many rural communities in America, is facing a crossroads in this changing world- and now is the time for us to Dream big and create a new vision for our community. How can we retain and keep all the great things about our community while simultaneously facing head on the need for change? And, perhaps most importantly, what is your role in helping to create and work for Boonville’s new Dream? It will take our entire community to achieve a Boonville Dream and I hope all of you will consider getting involved to make your Dream a reality. Play Local, Shop Local, and Go Boonville!