Here are my thoughts on business and our economy in the Midwest.

The first thought is that our media is working harder and harder to “make” stories happen – the more sensational the better. I believe that some of our problems are being trumped up to make a lively sound bite.

The second thought is that I’m glad I work in the Midwest. Having been born and raised in Seattle, and working in advertising agencies on the East coast, I’ve experienced the highs and lows that are felt on the coasts that are not felt in the heartland. The business climate in the Midwest is more insulated and stays more stable.

Finally, every business has a slow time at some point in the year – that is the natural cycle. Instead of wringing my hands and worrying about what to do (yeah, I admit, I used to do that), I like to take that opportunity to move my business forward in some way. Whether it is refining my internal systems, installing better software, or ramping up sales and networking. I think a slow time is the perfect time to jump ahead and be positioned for greater growth when business picks up again… and it will pick up again.