Harvests of crops or babies take time and give us an opportunity to learn patience.

Our son, Bil,l and his family have returned to California, traffic, and busy lives at work and soon at school and sports after a week of rest, fireworks, fishing and having the catch prepaared by bother Jim, the best Walleye chef on the planet.  Our little dog, Crickette, likes kids, but was a little shocked at all the activity in contrast to her world with two old people.  After they left she slept most of the next two days.  

Late summer has arrived and we have noticed that sweet colver is blooming in ditches, grain is headed out and tinged with yellow, corn is starting to tassel, ducklings and goslings are paddling around the sloughs,and shadows are elongating.  Our Christi's daughter, Sarah, from Glendale, California, is preparing to enter Concordia in Moorhead next month. I still find myself looking at school supplies and thinking on a school schedule.  But, the rivers of our lives meander and seasons change.  

Fall on the Prairie is my favorite time of year, so I welcome it.  This year, however, winter was long and spring almost non existent so fall seems too early. But it will come when it comes, not by my schedule.

In this age of instant gratification, people seem to have forgetten the Universe was not designed to run on human time.  For the past week, reporters and camera have been waiting out side St. Mary's Hospital in London, waiting for the birth of a royal baby.  It has been hot, and the reporters have grown impatient.  I have been in London in early August, and it IS hot and muggy, so I can understand that they are uncomfortable and eager to "get this over with."  Too bad.

Like the seasons, babies come on their own schedule.  I know!  All three of mine were "late."  And big.  And healthy. I am grateful that I did not have reporters and cameras, tourists, and those who just want to be able to say "I was there when..." in my front yard or surrounding the hospital.  It is not up to Kate or her baby to accomodate any of us who wait and wonder.  Baby will come when it is ready---we just hope baby and Kate are happy and healthy.  

In this age of Instant Gratification, "I want what I want, and I want it NOW!" from time to time we need to be reminded that growing a baby and birthing a baby take time.  Kudos to Kate and Will for not wanting to know the gender in advance, for wanting natural childbirth, for wanting privacy to enjoy each other and their child.  We can all learn from this wise and dignified young couple. We wish them and the child who will someday be the monarch of England well.