It seems that every young child has a dream of becoming a police officer at one point in their life.

By Matt Nielsen
Journal Reporter
It seems that every young child has a dream of becoming a police officer at one point in their life. Aaron Hall made that dream a reality with hard work and dedication. Two months ago  he was hired at the Devils Lake Police Department.
Hall is originally from Washington state but moved to North Dakota to attend UND. He has lived in the area since November and attended the academy in Devils Lake so it is a familiar place for him.
Hall called Grand Forks his home from 2004 up until last year when he moved to Devils Lake.
“I really liked the academy in Devils Lake, it was a lot of fun,” said Hall.
Everyone has a different reason on why they want to become a police officer. For Hall it was because he enjoyed all the different aspects of the job.
“You can go from a car theft to an old lady who lost her cat so you have to maintain a calm demeanor and I enjoy the challenge and variety of stuff that you have to do.
”Becoming a new officer is no easy task. There are plenty of obstacles and learning curves along the way that come with the job. Hall knew he would be starting at the bottom but looked forward to the whole process and becoming more knowledgeable about everything along the way.
Devils Lake is a small community so the crime rate it isn't what it would be in a big city but that doesn't mean there are not benefits of working in a small market.

“We deal with a wide variety of things. We deal with stuff that bigger departments have and you can go to a bigger department and won't really get a hand in it where here we get to do a lot and that's my favorite part.”
It is never easy to become the first person in your family to become a police officer but Hall was just that. He took the reigns and pursued something that he loves and has a passion for.  With no previous family experience in law enforcement, the number one question is what was your parents reaction when you told them you wanted to be a police officer?
“I guess they don't really have an opinion on it and are just happy I have a job,” Hall said jokingly.
There is never really a normal day on the job for a police officer. They will have something new come up everyday which makes the job so interesting. In Devils Lake the shifts are normally from seven to seven starting either in the morning or at night.
“On day shifts you are going to deal with a lot more accidents and traffic citations while at night you are going to deal with a lot more alcohol related calls.”
There are so many calls throughout the course of a day that Hall couldn't think of a specific one that happens most often.
Devils Lake does not have a K-9 unit but Hall has worked with one in the past and really enjoyed it.
“I love the dogs and K-9 is one of my huge interests. One of my end goals would probably be working with a K-9 again.”
Hall has the attitude a person needs to be a successful officer. He is looking forward to learning as much as possible in the process along with helping to protect and serve the Devils Lake community.