Why did someone abandoned these sweet little dogs?

  Last week a Good Samaritan named Shirley found a pair of small dogs wandering on the out-skirts of Cando. She called the police to see if anyone had reported missing dogs, but no such luck. The dogs were taken to the veterinary clinic where they weer found to be extremely malnourished, infested with ticks, but otherwise apparently in good health; and of course their long coats were matted and filthy. However once they were treated for parasites, bathed and groomed  it was like a "Before and After" make-over in Ladies Home Journal.

Wow, were these two little guys too cute for words! They are obviously brother and sister who had been together through thick and thin and did not want to be parted, even by as much as a kennel cage. They appear to be fully grown around 8-10 pounds and are likely under 2 years of age. Dixie is slightly more timid than Benji. Otherwise they are nearly identical. Thet are potty-trained and understand basic commands, so someone must have cared for them. As for breed, we think they are Bichon/terrier crosses, but it really is impossible to know their parentage. Probably someone into breeding "designer" dogs had too many and dumped this pair. Since no one has come forward to claim them they are up for adoption as soon as they have recovered from surgery. We hope they can be adopted as a pair since they fit together like 2 peas in a pod. Call 968-3431 for more information on these sweethearts.