Today is one of those glorious days on the Prairie with the temp about 70, skies so bllue and sun so bright, it nearly makes me cry.  The flowers in pots on the deck are brilliant;  the breeze is slight  bird songs fill the air.  And last evening, the purr of lawn mowers was everywhere.  Why would anyone want to live anywhere else?

When I saw that Phoenix was 107 and temps at Hoover Dam were 110, I remembered being there, and thinking I was gling to faint in the relentless heat.  Reptiles and arachnids live in temps like that--humans suffer--at least those of us with northern European heritage do.  Anything with fur only comes out at night in the dessert.  The first people who lived in that area dug dwellings out of the soft red and yellow rock, high up on the cliffs where they could be relatively safe and cool.

I love to see and hear birds---I did not see or hear many in the dessert.  I am sentimental when the geese and ducks call out as they leave and return.  I am grateful to the little chicadees and nuthatches that stay for the winter, clining to branches when the wind howls.  I love the four seasons on the Prairie.  I look forward to the smell of the clear air after a snow storm, and the glistening white.  I still enjoy the first trickles of water in the speing.  I also need to see green.  And what is more lovely and melacholy thah the colors of fall?

But today the old oaks wave their new leaves in the breeze.  The beans and cukes are up, the lilacs and apple trees scent the air, bleeding heart and first iris are in bloom, and the hummers and orioles are enjoying the sweet nectar we set out.  Life is good in North Dakota.  

I need to see green.    Dessert drab is not pleasing to my eys or internal thermostat.