Questions about the furor that the government is "spying" on citizens. Or is it using technology to keep us safe?

Much Ado in print and broadcast media about what some are calling "Spying on American citizens by the government."  Such a hullabaloo!  

No one mentions the irony of people posting on Facebook and U-Tube all kinds of "private" deeds and doings---including their privates!.

I saw a young woman interviewed in Fargo---and based on her never enging smile and hat at a rakish angle, she was enjoying every minute of being on camera.  She pointed to the cameras on Broadway, and dramatically pointed out "we" are undersurveillance all the time."  So?  I seem to remember cameras on buildings helping police to identify criminals, in Fargo and in Boston recently!  

A man in Fargo expressed a view more like my own.  "So?  As long as I'm not getting blown up, I don't care if cameras show me walking down the street."

As to records of your and my phone calls---I don't care if there is a record of our calls between here and our family in California.  We are not planning anything nefarious.  We are boring people who have no desire to steal any one's stuff or to bring down the government, in contrast to some in congress who state that is their goal!

It is not possible for "the gubmint" to listen to every call!  That would require one employee for every two telephones, 24 hours a day.  How gullible or down right stupid are people to get so hysterical about their right to privacy?  And, by the way, the constituton does not gurantee a right to privacy.  The 4th Amendment guarantees the right of the people "to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures."

We can argue about what is reasonable or unreasonable.  But I recall that when 9/11 occurred, and recentlly in Boston, voices shouted, "Why did They (?) not know and do Something (?) to prevent it?  These are often the same folks who beller about gun "rights."  They want no back ground checks, no waiting period, no gun registry.  But they want killers caught and punished right now!  

Thanks to the ability to track cell phones, authorities were able to locate the area where Drew Sjodin was killed.  

And, what about the way corporations keep track of us?  Not just what we buy, but what we look at when on-line!  I recently looked on line at de-humidifiers, rain jackets and refrigerators.  Within moments, ads were popping up on my computer for those exact items, plus related items and various brands.  Talk about lack of privacy!  The corporations are far more invasive than government.  

How many pedophiles have been caught thanks to tracking sites they visit or emails they send to lure kids?  Would be bombers have been caught and convicted when their computers revealed that they had researched How-To build bomb sites?

We all need to cool it, to Think!  To let go of paranoia!  To ask, Who benfits by making us suspicious and fearful of our own government?

We also need to know that Cyber Security is a myth:  Once you press SEND, what ever it is, is out there---forever!

"Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?" was asked by the Roman poet and satirist, Juvenal, at the end of the first century or beginning of the second. We also need to ask "Who will watch the watchers?"  Watch Yourself!