Some horrific tales can have happy endings.

  Three weeks ago a woman who has been a wonderful foster mom for the Uffda Fund heard a muffled cry emanating from the dumpster in the alley behind her workplace. Rummaging through the piles of stinking garbage she discovered a small puppy in the reeking mess. She almost had to climb in to reach the dog but at last she was able to lift the tiny body free of its prison. The pup was barely alive; its emaciated body matted with filth, eyes  and nose running with discharge. But somehow this pathetic little creature managed to lick the hand that held him in a secure grasp.

  The rescuer took the puppy home where she quickly assessed its condition was so dire that the puppy would surely succumb if not treated immediately. She took the little fellow to her veterinarian who diagnosed a full blown case of parvovirus, severe dehydration and malnutrition. The prognosis was very poor. As she left the clinic the woman said "Call him Spirit".

  Fast forward 4 days. I was introduced to this little bone rack. Spirit was struggling to survive. He had been warmed,bathed, treated with antibiotics, given fluids and nutritional suplements. He still looked like a newborn in a famine-ravaged country but he was managing to lift his head and lick the hands that were caring so gently for him. Longterm survival was still far from certain.

  A week later a tiny black cannonball tumbled out of the examination room to greet me. Still a bit skinny and more than a bit clumsy, here was Spirit, living up to his name. His zest for living is contagious. He has become the resident care giver for all the sick and frightened pets who visit the clinic. The staff call him the chief nurse. When Spirit is fully recovered and goes to his furever home he will be missed by more than the human components of the vet clinic.

  Spirit is a miracle. He somehow survived the awful fate to which some cruel person condemned him. Thanks to the swift action of his rescuer and the professional caregivers who worked so diligently to save this puppy's life, Spirit will enrich the lives of humans wherever he ends up. Maybe it was meant to be.