Remember when comedians were funny and dance was a community or family event; when people admired fancy footwork, beauty, and grace?

Remember when comedians were funny?  Funny, but not filthy?

Remember when dance was graceful, social, and fun?

Remember Bob Hope entertaining troops during wars?  Remember Red Skelton, and the characters he created?  Carol Burnette?  Lucille Ball and her antics with landlady Ethel?  The Smothers Brothers?  Have you read the satirical humor of Mark Twain, or even of President Lincoln?  These were people who could get us to laugh at ourselves, and not be hurtful to others or use filthy lahguage or sex to get (or give) a laugh.

I recently read that Jerry Lewis does not like today's women as stand up comics.  He is not being sexist---he says he doesn't like to see women degrade themselves.  Neither do I.

While flipping through channels, I ran across Sarah Silverman.  Even though I was watching at home, alone, I was embarassed.  I suspect people laugh at her "jokes" in embarassment.  She is not witty, clever, or funny: she is outrageously filthy and degrades herself and womanhood.  Sadly, she is not alone in reaching for the lowest of the low to get a laugh.  Many male comedians either have filthy mouths or are cruel.

Not that long ago, dances were community and family affairs in halls or barns.  Parents and grandparents danced with kids and taught them how to waltz, polka, two-step or other traditional dances.  Girls wore their best dresses and young men put on clean shirts and shaved to attend the barn dance or dance at the community hall.  People admired the "good dancers."  On stages, fancy footwork and grace were admired, whether the dance was clogging or ballet.

From what I am seeing on TV, "dance" has become arm pumps, high kicks in skimpy clothes to display crotches or more, gyrating on a floor with legs spread, pelvic thrusts, butt wagging---much of it reminds me of female dogs displaying themselves when they are ready to make puppies, or female baboons when their rears turn red and swell to announce they are "ready." 

We humans tell ourselves we are superior to animals, but I am not so sure about our superiority when today's "entertainment" seems to be a race to the crudest and lowest.  What ever happened to witty, silly, satirical humor or grace, style, strength, and talent in dance?