Rain and birds bring comfort and gratitude.

I awoke to the soothing sounds of rain.  Then I realized that even though rain was falling, birds were singing.  That is a lesson for us humans.  

We all have reasons to grouse and whine, I suppose, but a few minutes of viewing national news should bring us, here in the Lake Region, gratitude and compassion.  Just this year, 2013, how many people have lost jobs, homes, health, or people they love?    

As the birds sang in the rain this morning, I thought of the many, many people around the world who awoke to tragedy and despair. Illness, hunger, poverty, drought around the world, locally, farmers waiting anxiously to get into their fields as dry earth becomes mud.  I thought of the rubble in Grandbury Texas, where my sister-in-law used to live.  I thought of other communities destroyed by tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, and other "natural" phenomena.  And even sadder, the destruction caused by humans who pollute the earth, or who destroy multiple species of animals or forests.  Even worse are those who kill by choice---terrorists, criminals, war mongers and those who profit from the sale of killing machines.

But in my world this morning, birds sang in the rain.  Or was it because of it?  Water brings forth life and sustains it.  We here in the Lake Region know water has the power to destroy as well as generate life and power.  But today, we have a gentle rain, a needed rain.  

Some of you may remember Reverend Aden Mann on the radio---he inspired me with the words "This is the day that the Lord has made.  Rejoice and be glad in it."  Listen to the rain and the birds, rejoicing.