Achieving a website is harder than it looks.

  A super web designer I am not. In fact anything but the most perfunctory techy skills are way beyond my ken. I manage to read and respond to most emails and have even been known to text in my ham-fisted way. Facebook and Twitter confuse me. Smart phones are for smart people. My keyboarding skills are dismal. I sometimes can blame Patrick the Red Tabby for my typing mishaps as he usually slings himself into my arms while I am working at the computer. One handed typing is pretty slow.

  Despite all these character flaws and impediments to progress, I am happy to announce that the Uffda Fund for Animals is at last a presence on the world-wide web. Two of our Uffda folk, Tiffany and Lindsey, are working with Patrick and I todevelop a user-friendly, attractive website. These two young women are computer-wise in ways I can never hope to reach. So, stay tuned people, and soon you will be able to go to to see what we are all about.