Heitkamp's No vote on back ground checks is a great disappointment.

I made a mistake.  I voted for Heitcamp.  I feel betrayed.  I do not understand how a mother and a Catholic as she is, can vote against legislation designed to restrict the sales of high capacity magazines such as were used to kill 26 children and teachers in Connecticut or to kill and wound in Tucson and numerous other places.

Heitkamp says the US needs  to focus on mental health to reduce gun violence.  Good idea---BUT not everyone who has mental health issues is violent.  In fact, most are not.  Adam Lanza was known to have problems, so why did his mother buy weaponry and take him to shooting ranges.  Who had the mental health problem?  

In Arizona, the Laughner's knew their son had problems.  So did counselor's at his school.  Same story at the Virginia Military Academy.  Parents have told me their concerns about their kids---but they have been told that their family member cannot be forced into therapy until he has done something!  No help until it is too late!

Heitkamp, a former ND Attorney General, should be aware of the limitations of access to mental health help.  She should know that therapy doesn't always work.  She should know that saving lives is more important than "rights" for dangerous people or "rights" to weapons that are not for hunting, but to kill many in moments.  

What if her children had been in Sandy Hook?  What if she had stood with Gabby Giffords in that parking lot in Tucson? It is entirely possible that Lanza and Laughner would not have been on list of people who should not be allowed to purchase guns, but others who have been proven to be criminals, or dangerous, or unstable would be on such a list.

Protecting children, protecting the right to assemble and to speak should also be protected.  I am shocked and saddened that Heidi toed the NRA line.  I believed she would be wiser and more compassionate than LaPierre.