I don't remember the last time I cooked a meal at home.

So I started school again on Monday.  Travis and I also got some sort of home buying bug and decided to look for houses.  We looked at one every day this week.  We haven't gotten home until nearly 8:30 and by then its homework and bath time for the baby.  On top of that, I'm working my regular job and I picked up a shift at my old job.  It's been a ridiculous week! 

I have only exercised twice this week and I feel like its definitely catching up with me.  We're putting an offer in on a house on Monday and I think once we get thses things figured out, I"ll be able to come up with some routine again.  Also, I NEED to start training hard for the 5k that is coming up.  I am becoming a little stressed about this one and we'll see how things start to shape up.  I NEED summer to come so I can run outside.  I hate running on the tredmill as I always feel like I'm going to fall.

How are you guys getting your workouts in with this nasty weather?