There’s a group of people in Devils Lake with some lofty plans to bring hope to those in need throughout the Lake Region.

There’s a group of people in Devils Lake with some lofty plans to bring hope to those in need throughout the Lake Region.

They’re calling it the Hope Center and at this stage they are looking for investors who are willing to step up and commit to the vision.

They need 20 member churches, groups, couples or individuals to pledge $200 a month for three years to begin.

What’s the plan?
The plan is to provide a food pantry in Devils Lake and one day perhaps to provide meals and shelter, too.

First things, first, however. The Dakota Prairie Community Action Agency which provides the community’s emergency food shelter is only that - for emergencies. They don’t have the space or funding to provide all the food pantry needs that are “out there” in the community.

Plus, the funding that keeps the DPCAA emergency food pantry going is always dependent on the political climate and may be hard hit as budget cuts come down the pike.

Earlier this year a number of individuals from one of the local ministerial associations were approached to consider establishing a community food pantry that would provide help for families and individuals in need in the community. A planning committee has been formed and plans to open a community food pantry begun.

Where will the funding come from?
Founding Members would support the food pantry’s financial needs on a monthly basis and vote board members into place to run it. After the board members are in place they would like to hire a director for the food pantry.

To date they have 11 of the 20 they need to get this venture started.
1. River of Life Church
2. Peace Lutheran Church
3. United Methodist Church
4. Bethel Free Evangelical Church
5. Brandon and Lindsey Culver
6. Jeff and Barbara Wahl
7. Robert Bye
8. Ed and Jill Nesheim
9. Gilbertson Funeral Home
10. Westbay Resorts
11. Mike and Eileen Durbin

Those listed above are the first nine Founding Members and they are looking for nine more to join them in helping those in need in our community on a regular basis.

Eventually the planning committee also hopes to expand into other areas of need such as mentoring/counseling services as well as the shelter or soup kitchen needs.

Brandon Culver, who heads up the planning committee with wife Lindsey, says, “It has been an exciting journey so far, to see all these people, churches and businesses come together to meet this need in the community. We are hoping to find the remaining Founding Members by April 15 so the food pantry will be on schedule to open by this fall.”

If you would like more information contact Culver at or 701-351-8959.