What’s new, improved, changed or of interest in Devils Lake, the Lake Region?

What’s new, improved, changed or of interest in Devils Lake, the Lake Region?

Both Devils Lake and the wider Lake Region area have both seen much growth through the past year and this edition is designed to highlight what is new, improved or changed in our community.

Those who live here think this is one of the best places to call home in the entire region - maybe all of North Dakota - and that is thanks, in large part, to the numerous businesses that are constantly upgrading, improving and growing and a community that is committed to being the best it can be.

Devils Lake and the Lake Region are getting better all the time.
The stories contained in this supplement highlight just a few of the over 100 businesses that make Devils Lake and the region a unique place to live and a wonderful place to visit.

Designed as a “progress edition” that will come out every year as spring begins in the area, “Thriving in the Lake Region” will be a guide for its residents and the many who visit the community to learn about updates and changes area businesses have made, new businesses to the region and how the area is thriving.

It will be a place where people who may be thinking of finding a new place to call home can learn about the many benefits those who live here enjoy on a regular basis.

This is our chance - your chance - to show the world how great our community really is. How unique your business is. How you offer something that no one else does. How special Devils Lake and the Lake Region are to its residents, business owners and many visitors.

If you save these as keepsakes through the years you will have in your hands a chronicle of our community’s growth and change.

Did you miss this edition?
If you’re a business owner and would like to see your business included in our next Thriving in the Lake Region progress edition contact Louise at news@devilslakejournal.com or your advertising representative at the Journal.

If you don’t have an ad rep here, give us a call and we will be glad to get you in touch with one call 701-662-2127 and ask for Rich.