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Blindly Beautiful
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By Antonio Prokup
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March 25, 2013 11:41 a.m.

There are many things in this world that are beautiful, such as rolling hills adorned
with wild ?owers and a small stream glistening in the sun as it tumbles over rocks
smoothed from years of moving water. But even that scene may not be beautiful to
everyone. What is unmistakably beautiful to me may not in any way be beautiful to you.
I love the saying "love is blind" because I believe this kind of love is the most
beautiful of all things. When a person learns to look through each and every person to
reach the soul is when this type of love is experienced. This kind of love is greater than
one's super?cial self. This kind of love is forgiving and ultimately able to love someone
more than oneself.
The best example of this kind of love is Jesus dying on the cross for all of us - even
those of us who are not worthy. At this time in my church we are in a time of re?ection
waiting for the celebration of Easter. I like to re?ect on my inadequacies and how I can
make myself more beautiful or deserving for God. I work hard at this because I know he
blindly loves me- faults and all!

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