Cat fur is us.

OK, I'll admit my house is somewhat hirsute, hairy for those not familiar with medical terminology. Besides my dear husband slowly losing his once blonde tresses, and the odd dropping dish-water brownish gray follicle from my pate, and the twice yearly collie molt we are slowly being smothered under a blanket of cat hair. This is not good. Seven cats in the house contribute an inordinate amount of fur to the dust bunnies. The vaccuum bag is filled regularly with fuzzy wads. Fortunately for me, it is hubby who wields the behemoth of a vaccuum because it is way too unwieldy for me to push around. Now if someone would invent a ride-um cleaner I would be good to go. We could call it the Gr-gr-gr-granimal. No, I'm the one who precedes the mighty vac, moving sleeping cats out of harm's way so they don't get sucked up the hose. We brush our critters regularly. They are indoor kitties so why are they molting??

Someone please come up with a scheme to recycle cat fur. I know there are smart folks out there who can ideate a novel way to use kitty hair, like those back-to-nature types who spin dog hair into scarves and cool sweaters. How about little pussy purses woven from multicolored cat hairs? Maybe not.