When does "development" become destruction?

I read about the "development" of The Bakken oi field.  At the same time, I read of more crime, more accidents, sick cattle, and ruined wells.  A few people have become wealthy beyond their wildest imaginations.  But, I am told that 2/3 of the money from ND oil goes out of state.   In other places, as land is "developed" into acres of highways and homes, farm land is paved over, rare species of plants are destroyed, and habitats for animals, birds, reptiles, and insects are destroyed.  

In that destruction, we are dirtying and destroying life for humans also.  I recently read that medications are now in our rivers and lakes and changing the creatures that live in water.  Fish and frogs are becoming feminized because of birth contol pills, algae is chocking lakes, and perch are becoming aggressive due to psychiatirc drugs; hence, they are endangering themselves with risky behavior that kills them.  Some chemicals to promote more crop yields are now suspected to be killing the pollinators.  It seems every coin has two sides:  one positive and one negative. 

Water is precious:  both the quantity and the quality of it.  Land?  "They are not making it anymore!"  Air?  Try to go four minutes without it....

Al Capp, a cartoonist of Pogo, once wrote, "We have met the enemy, and he is us!"  

As humans continue to "develop" the gifts of the Earth, and in the process destroy land, water, and air for all creatures, maybe we are our own worst enemy.  Maybe we need to consider what it means to be Stewards of the Earth.  Maybe we need to consider the Eden we have and preserve it for all, not allow it to be "developed/destroyed" for the profits of a few.   Just maybe we need to see more than $ signs?