Why do we do things to impress others and not just for ourselves?

I went and visited some people while I was on vacation and all I could think about was "I hope they notice I've lost some weight." 

Why?  Why was this the first thing that I thought?  Why did I want to make a change only to impress other people? 

I got home from vacation and in the last couple of days have not worked out and have been eating whatever I wanted, not really caring about anything anymore. My sisters went to Arizona on Spring Break so I have no one pushing me to go to the gym.  My motivation has definitely been lacking. 

As I started my new job today I sat and thought to myself, "if I'm going to make a change, it has to be for me."  I need to surround myself with people who will help me and motivate me through my journey.  My new job has fruits that are delivered twice a week and lets employees take walking breaks!  I'm so excited for the positive change in my life.

My husband and I talked about having another baby.  My doctor keeps preaching that I need to lose some weight before I can have another baby because it will be to stressful on my heart to carry a baby right now.  Travis and I have discussed it and we're going to see where I am at in three months.  He said he would be there for me to push me and help me along the way.  He wants me to make a change FOR MY SELF. 

I need to stop trying to impress people who have no impact on my life anymore.  I rarely talk to these people, let alone need to impress them. 

So ask yourself, are you doing things for yourself or someone else?