Water pressure powers this keen invention

Club member Steven Flack of Conneaut, Ohio, has a simple and efficient way to remove water from a footing hole without a pump. He uses a bailer, made from a small bucket or a large coffee can, with a hole and a flap valve on the bottom. When he pushes the bailer into the water, the valve opens and lets water in (figure 1). Then, when he lifts the bailer, water pressure closes the valve to keep the water from running out (figure 2). He makes the bailer by first cutting a 3- to 4-in.-dia. hole in the bottom of the bucket. He then screws a square scrap of vinyl siding (plastic or rubber also works) over the hole. The flap should be about 1/2 in. larger than the hole. Finally, he attaches a 1x2 x 6-ft. handle.
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