The Devils Lake City Commissioners are concerned about the amount of snow the area has received and how residents are impacted as crews attempt to clear the streets.

The Devils Lake City Commissioners are concerned about the amount of snow the area has received and how residents are impacted as crews attempt to clear the streets.

Myron Asleson, who heads the department responsible for snow removal said his phone had been ringing a lot all day on Monday as residents wanted to know when their part of town would be cleared.

He told the commissioners that on Monday, because the snow was still falling so heavily and the winds were blowing and drifting the snow so much that when they plowed an area, and went to one end of a section of road, turned around to come back it had drifted in so badly it didn’t look like they had bladed at all.

“We’re doing our best, but with so much snow, it is going to be tough going for a while,” he said.
His crews were going to clear the downtown area early Tuesday morning, then focus on the perimeter roads like the Highway 2 corridor, commercial areas and emergency routes, then head into the residential neighborhoods.

Asleson is concerned about cars parked along the streets and avenues getting buried as the plows go through and how that will impact traffic and snow removal. It is his hope that residents will get their vehicles off the streets to  make it easier for them to blade.

“We’ll go around vehicles once, but with all this snow, it’s not going to be possible to keep from burying them. The drivers have been instructed to put the gates down when they blade past driveways and so on, but that won’t help much when there’s this much snow so homeowners are going to have to be patient and take care of what’s left behind themselves,” he said.

If vehicles are still there after the first time the blades go past, then a warning sticker is placed on the vehicle and the owner has 72 hours to get the vehicle moved out of the path of snow removal equipment or a towing service will tow the vehicle and the owner will be responsible for the cost.

Other business
At the outset of the meeting there were public hearings dealing with two changes in zoning and a conditional use permit to allow a cabin to be built in an area zoned as highway commercial.

As the Planning Commission had met on these items and recommended approval, the city voted to make these changes following the closure of each public hearing.

One visitor to the meeting, Dale Potter, brought information for the commissioners on concerns he and others have on the direction the country is taking in the area of gun control. He provided the commission with his statement in writing and a copy of the information he had been researching.

Commission portfolios came next in the order of the meeting. Gary Martinson asked for approval of a purchase agreement for a parcel of land for Phase Three of the embankment project, called the Airport Reach. That was approved.

He also informed the commission that plans had changed for the house next door to City Hall that the city owns. He recommended that they declare it surplus and advertise in case there was someone who wanted to purchase the house for salvage or moving it to a new location. The commission voted to do that.

Fire Chief Jim Moe reported that by April the animal or pet committee would have documents for the commission to discuss.

Tom Traynor said he’s been contacted by the appraisers and they had sent a detailed and itemized statement as he had requested. He also informed them that the liquor ordinance committee had found several changes or modifications needed to be done in the city’s ordinances dealing with liquor sales.

Chris Schilken from Forward Devils Lake asked for the city’s funding and support of the projects he was working on like the multi-family housing units south of Mac’s Hardware and plans for a convention or event center for the city.

Mayor Dick Johnson emphasized that this topic has been talked about for a long time in the community and has had many different incarnations. He hoped that this time something more concrete would come of the discussion and planning.