Choosing Another Season


          The purpose of the NDSU Extension Service is to: “To create learning partnerships that help adults and youth enhance their lives and communities.”  How that learning happens has both changed and remained constant since Federal legislation established the Extension Service in 1914.   Years ago early Extension agents were extending education through lectures, news columns, radio programs, institutes, tours, fairs and demonstrations.  We still do that plus technology has added emails, twitters, web pages, Facebook pages and even this blog.

          One characteristic all those educational endeavors share is that they do not magically appear.  There is a great deal of PLANNING that needs to occur beforehand.  This is the time of year that finishing touches for our Lake Region 4-H Project Day , the Community Fair , the Children’s Safety and Learning Fair, Experience Agriculture: Special Assignment Pizza, Teen Maze and a couple other events needs to happen.  It is time for cross-checking the who, what, where and when of 4-H Achievement Days,  summer camps, kids gardening classes, American Red Cross Babysitter classes, the ND State Fair, horse shows and a multitude of summer happenings.   It is also time to look ahead at fall schedules and begin balancing requests with the usual fall kick-off for another 4-H year. 

          Today it is snowing in ND.   Our winter has not yet loosened its grip and seems intent of adding another white blanket to our landscape.  We may wish it wasn't so but that has no effect or ability to "enhance lives and communities".  So excuse me while, at least in my mind,  I escape to another warmer season – I hope you are equally fortunate to have one to choose from.