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Feb. 18, 2013 11:16 a.m.

<> a play for Mythology Unit Presentation
The scene- the end of the world after the Soviets and the United States bomb each other, after years of disagreeing. The land is desolate and all humans are destroyed and the land is destroyed.
When the skit opens the land is smoldering.
Overhead, a flying object appears in the distance. As it gets closer, we see it is Chronos, the god of time.
He flies into the scene and sends for Iris, the messenger goddess, and goddess of rainbows.
They are both horrified at the scene that is before their eyes. With deep concern they consider their options.
After discussion, they devise a plan of reconstruction.
Chronos sends Iris to summon Apollo.
Apollo, the god of healing and the sun, gathers with Chronos and iris to discuss their next step.
It is decided.
Then Chronos starts flying spinning the world counterclockwise, spinning back in time.
As he is spinning, iris is soaking up the water from the earth, and retrieving color saved in her rainbow as the world spins and spins.
After spinning back time, Chronos stops, and the world continues its normal rotation.
Iris empties the collected water and fills the crevices that used to be oceans, lakes, rivers and streams. After many hours, she is extremely exhausted and is not sure she has enough energy for her next task. But, the world is depending on her.
She gathers the strength and illuminates the world with her rainbow of colors.
Suddenly, the world is alive again with living plants, lush with color.
Apollo takes center stage and raises his hands toward the sky.
There is a flash of fire blazing through the sky and the heat of the sun is burning down on them.
He then turns to the people and raises his hands as if for a blessing and heals the years of anger between the US and the Soviets as the lights dim and the curtain closes.

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