Supporting charities moves online

Google for Charity

 This past week the ND 4-H Foundation participated in the online giving fundraiser Giving Hearts Day held appropriately on Valentine’s Day.  Giving Hearts was begun in 2008 by the Dakota Medical Foundation and Impact Foundations and has now grown exponentially to include almost 180 non-profit organizations.  2013 was the first year for the 4-H Foundation to participate.

          Beginning at one minute after midnight on February 14th, donors were able to go online at , select a charity (ND 4-H Foundation was under the “N’s”) and donate to that charity.   Fill the blanks with your name, address, credit card number, hit enter and “ping” your donation goes flying through the Internet to your favorite charity. Quite different than sponsoring a plaque at 4-H Achievement Days, paying a premium for an animal at the livestock show or buying a raffle ticket from a young, eager 4-H member.

          And quite popular too. In just 24 hours, $23,000 was raised for the ND 4-H Foundation as people across the U.S.A. hit enter while at work, at home for lunch, late at night in their pajamas, from their cell phones while waiting for the kids to finish ball practice.

           Americans love convenience and the convenience of donating online has pushed all the right buttons with Americans.           Google “online donations” you’ll find everything from the American Cancer Fund to foundations for colleges to animal rescue to support for disaster relief around the world.  When the Internet first became common place for every day, everyone use, a loud lament went up that human interaction, human feelings would decline.  When Facebook and other social sites appeared, their use generated the same dire warnings.  Instead it appears the human spirit has persevered and we have used technology to do what we do best – care about others.