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Valentine's Day is around the corner
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Kate Fjell and Sherry Broyles have been promoting Boonville tourism for years. With their efforts, tourism has continued to grow each year enchanting people from all over the world with the charm that Boonville offers.
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By Go Boonville
Feb. 7, 2013 2:29 p.m.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and regardless of whether you are a hopeless romantic or a reluctant participant, there is the perfect opportunity to show someone you care right here in Boonville. If you are looking for an all inclusive romantic night out, you can enjoy a nice dinner at one of Boonville's many fine restuarnts, enjoy local talent at the River Rat's annual Love Notes Production. The performances will be on Friday, October 15 and Saturday, October 16th and tickets are just $8 and include desert. A night cap can be had at one of our bars following the performance.
If you are more interested in a quiet, low key evening, you can track down some of you (and your Valentine's) favorite treats, rent a movie and enjoy the quiet of your home. You can even bring home flowers or a gift to accompany that quiet night at home; there are great gifts or flowers all over town.
Another options is to pack up a box dinner from one of your favorite resturants in town and find the perfect sunset watching point and enjoy a car picnic. I actually love being in the car with Ryan- it is always dedicated time for us to just talk. Neither of us is busy checking our phone, cooking dinner, cleaning up or whatever else can pull attention away from the conversation at hand. Car picnics are usually pretty weather tolerant too. . . but I will still hope for a clear, starry night at least.
For those of you who may be crunched for time, I have one more option, "the mini date". This is another tactic Ryan and I have employed on several occassions. If you can't find the time or maybe don't have the resources for a full night out, a mini-date can be just the answer. Mini dates are short (an hour or less) and usually close to home. Although, thankfully Boonville is small enough that nearly everything is close. You could go for a walk, go to a resturant, bar, or wherever and just enjoy some time together.
Whatever your style, I hope you'll consider celebrating the holiday right here in Boonville; there are lots of options and something for everyone. Have a wonderful Valentine's day and remember to Play Local, Shop Local, and Go Boonville!

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