An Introduction to "Small Town Claim to Fame"

Welcome to my new blog “Small Town Claim to Fame.”  Why a blog about small town claims to fame?  Quite simply, because it’s fun and I think we could all use a little more fun these days.  Discussions about healthcare, gun control or fiscal cliffs invariably end up with someone pinned on the floor in a headlock.  Don’t get me wrong, these topics need to be discussed and I greatly respect those willing to wade into this mess, but just for now, while you’re reading this blog, we are going to take a break from all of that and focus on something trivial. 

What exactly is a small town? I have decided, for the purpose of this blog, that any town/city with a population of less than 25,000 will be considered small.  There is nothing magic about this number.   I just had to draw the line somewhere and it seemed like a good number.  It’s my blog, I can do that.  Now 25,000 may sound fairly large for North Dakota, but keep in mind that I will be doing this for the entire country.  In California or New Jersey, for instance, 25,000 is still a relatively small town.

What exactly is a claim to fame?  The best way to describe a claim to fame is to give examples.  Some common claims to fame are famous residents, notable events, something extreme or record breaking and famous structures or oddities of most any sort. There are many more, but this gives you a pretty good idea. 

This blog, with your help, can be much more interactive than one would think.  Readers are invited to add a claim to fame that I am unaware of or dispute the accuracy of any that I have posted.  Please feel free, of course, to simply discuss or reminisce about the trivia that will be presented.

My next post will begin with claims to fame for small towns in the great state of North Dakota.