The sun rises, spring comes, and it is time for a fresh look at an old problem.

Today is one minute longer than yesterday.  The earth has turned and the sun appears brilliant red on the horizon.  But it is not on the horizon.  My perception is an illusion.  It is a natural phenomenon.  A ball of fire which allows life on Earth.

The red reminds me of the blood of 20 children and 6 teachers murdered last week.  It also reminds me that spring always follows winter.  In spite of many people erroneouly believing that the Mayan Calendar predicted the world would end yesterday, it did not.  Birds are at the feeders, squirrels and chasing each other around trees, our dog is snoring in front of the fire place.  I'd like to say "All's right with the world," but I know it is not.  

Families in Connecticut are grieving.  Families all across America have suffered with them, with the people who are victims of Hurricane Sandy and floods and tornadoes,  who are victims of wars around the world, victims of violence and hunger.  I recently read that each day in the US, three pregnant women are killed by their "significant other." Thirty two Americans die---eight of them being children---each day of Gun Violence!  Recenlty, in Minnesota a retired man killed two teenaged cousins.  Granted, it seemed they were in his home to steal, but they were not armed and did not threaten him.  Since when is death the penalty for robbery?  And worse, a grandfather heard a sound out his door, became alarmed, and shot through the door----killing his grand daughter! 

Yesterday, Wayne LaPierre of the NRA spoke to the nation.  His answer to the recent school shootings was an armed policeman in every school.  Rep. Gomer of Texas wants to arm the teachers!  This I know---at DLHS, it is a long walk from the west side to the east side of the building, and longer if that guard would have to get to the second floor!  Teachers do not become teachers so they can shoot people.  We like kids and learning.

LaPierre and Gomer know NOTHING about schools and less about kids.  The person most likely to bring a gun into a school, is a student!!!

LaPierre gets a salary of $1.4 million a year.  Rep Gomer gets a life time of benefits as a congress critter.  The latest poll shows congress has an 11% approval rating.  A majority of Americans want controls on who can buy a gun, on the kinds of guns sold, and where they are sold.  Are these two "spokesmen" wise men who can solve problems for the rest of us?  The are quick to speak, and slow to think!  

It isn't just in schools where kids are in danger from"bad men" with guns.  Sadly, kids are killed while walking down the street.  They are killed in homes---recenlty a four year old found a pistol at home, and killed his two year old brother!  The most dangerous person to a little boy, is his mother's boy friend!

I know the cliche, "Guns don't kill people, people do."  Yes, indeed, people with Guns kill people!

Spring is a time of renewal and new Life.  We cannot put life back into those killed, but we can awaken as the "light dawns."  Let us have a sane conversation about how to protect each other from violence--of all kinds.