Turning 60

Turning 60..

    So is this what 60 is.    Last week we attended the funeral for my
mother-in-law, who was 90 when she died.   Tomorrow we leave to
celebrate Christmas with my mother, who is soon 97.
   Tonight, I celebrated Christmas early with my son, his wife, my 2
grandsons (the Hooligans), my stepdaughter, and her husband.    By 7:30
I was looking at the clock wondering how much longer I was going to
last.   The boys (ages 2 and 3) had opened their presents and were
practicing shooting their Nerf guns. (thank you to the stepdaughter and
spouse!), throwing the light up ball around the room ($1.50 from
Grandma), chasing the cat with toy dinosaurs...I'm sure you get the
picture.  I had finished scraping the mashed potatoes off the wall from
dinner.   The 2 year old feeds himself, but forgets where his mouth is,
then shakes the food off his hands when it gets too messy for him.
    I got my coat on to go home by 8.   I figure the kids like to see
company leave when it is bedtime for the boys.
    When did the day begin to end at 8 pm.   It seems like just a few
years ago that I was leaving the dorm at 11 to start my night out after
studying was done! Now I am in my pajamas typing notes at 10.