Grandparenting is fun and funny!

So….Grandparenting is so much more fun, and funny, than I could ever imaging.
  Last night, dinner, tree, and presents with the kids.    All of us were together.   Stepdaughter and spouse, son & spouse, and the 2 boys.   2 years old and 3 years old.   Kentie, my sainted husband, cooked dinner.   Rotisserie chicken from Cub, refrigerator section mashed potatoes, and corn.
    After we washed the mashed potatoes off the walls, the furniture, and the children, and shook the towels from the floor outside, we got to the presents.   (until grandparenting 2 boys that were only 13 months apart, I did not realize that eating dinner could be and ‘extreme sport’)
   2 year old got his dinosaurs, and the 3 year old got puzzles and a Leapfrog (like a jr. ipod for kiddies) from Grandma and Grandpa.    (total well over 300 dollars)   I also threw in a one dollar, light up, bouncy ball that I thought would be fun.    Of course, after the ball lit up you could just forget about anything else.   They didn’t even want to open their other gifts.   It was just “fight over the ball and throw it on the floor to light it up again”.    Kent asked me what was I thinking to just get one ball for the two of them!
   I forgot the rule of gift giving for preschoolers.   ‘Forget the present, just give them the box.’   20 years from now they won’t ask me if I remember the year they got the Leapfrog (jr. ipad thingy). They will say, “Remember that incredible ball that lit up when you threw it on the floor!”