The holiday's are the best and worst time of year!!

Here I sit on Christmas Eve.  We've been to church, had our supper, looked at Christmas lights, and....have eaten again.  I love seeing the excitement of my three year old when he's looking at all of his presents under the tree or singing to me about Santa coming to town, but I also love cookies, cake, egg nog, ice cream, and mashed potatos(thats a little random, but its true)! 

This year I am going to try harder.  We are staying at our house for Christmas because my husband is on call for work.  Therefore, I will have control over everything I eat.  I'm consious of everything that I put in my mouth and how much I'm eating.  However, this weekend we'll be traveling to my in-laws place.  My mother-in-law has many baked goods and serves lots of food.  This will be harder for me because I LOVE to graze.  Grazing makes it a lot harder to keep track of how much a person is eating. 

I'm on a mission, this year, to make the holiday's a good one and not have to loosen my belt!

Enjoy your Christmas and I'll let you know how things go!