In a tight game, the Lady Indians held on to the lead to pull out a 3-2 win over the California Pintos on Wednesday night in the first round of the Class 3 District 10 softball tournament. With a slight breeze and some clouds overhead, and a small, but supportive audience in attendance, the Lady Indians took to the field at Blair Oaks High School in a grudge match against the Pintos. The last time these two met, just one week ago in a regular season match-up, the Pintos beat the Indians in an 8-3 game, as the Indians defense wasn't able to hold back the Pintos. This time, Osage was determined to to have a different outcome. This time, they would win. In the first inning of the game, Osage's defense came out strong, making short work of the Pintos, getting a quick three outs. As the Pintos took over the field, the Lady Indians prepared to bat. With Elizabeth French leading off, French battled at home plate, but eventually struck out. Up to bat next was Austin Dulle, who was struck by a pitch and walked. Austin quickly found a way to steal second base, while Taylor Good batted next in line, and was eventually walked. Osage's pitcher, Jessica Schultze, was next up at the plate, where she drove a ball out to the pitcher's mound. The Pintos' pitcher was unable to snag it, and that led to bases loaded for the Indians, with Danielle Puckett up next. Puckett drove one out to center field, giving Austin the chance to score a run, but the Pintos were able to tag Good out for their second out. Brittany Witt batted next, but her hit was caught by the short stop. The Indians had found their rhythm, scoring one run against the Pintos for the lead. The teams went back and forth with no runs until the bottom of the third, where the Indians once again were able to find a way to score, using the exact same lineup as the first inning. French was able to score after Good smacked one out to center-field, which also landed Good on third base. Good would also tag up to score, giving the Indians a 3-0 lead over the Pintos. The Pintos, however, pulled together in the fourth inning, scoring two runs before the Lady Indians could manage a stop. Over the course of the next two innings, the two teams were unable to score, despite being able to hit and defensive errors. As the seventh inning began, the Pintos had one last chance to score, to tie the game or take the lead. The Lady Indians, however, would not hear it. "We have got to hold them here," Schultze told her team as they took the field. And they did. Schultze struck out the first batter, while Micah Ruiz made the catch for the second out. With a runner on second, and two outs on the board, the Pintos needed something to happen with their next batter. They didn't need Schultze to throw another strikeout. With a final score of 3-2, the Lady Indians advanced to the next round of play, where they faced the Blair Oaks Falcons. Despite their best efforts, the Lady Indians fell in 15-0 loss to the Falcons. Over the course of the season, the Lady Indians have improved under the eye of Coach Bill Nowicki, and despite their loss, he was pleased with his team's efforts this season. "I'm very proud of my team," he said. "From where they came from this season, they have improved a lot. We evolved. We had a young group, and three great seniors to lead them. We didn't know who was starting and where when we first started, but these girls never quit." And maybe that's the best way to sum up the Lady Indians softball team and their season this year: a group of underdogs, fighting an uphill battle, but never giving up.