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By Tiana Bedford
My blogs will be about almost everything. About teenage life, teen pregnancy, sports, everyday life things, things that are happening in the world, and even some blogs about myself.
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You’d think blogging would come naturally for someone who works in the business of writing, but I am still finding it a challenge to get into the “hang” of it. Perhaps if I were more of a blog reader, myself, that would motivate me, although there have been some blogs I have read that - in my opinion - could have just as well never been written. I’m thinking of a blog where the writer, who was a news personality from another town in North Dakota, talked about barfing. Yes, you heard me - barfing.

The writer, whom I will not name, wrote about the first time she had vomited.

I found it more disturbing than anything else and wish I had never read it. But it’s like the old saying - “you can’t unring a bell.”

Here’s hoping that our bloggers at the Journal - though they may from time to time feel like barfing - they have the restraint not to write about it in any detail whatsoever. Surely there are more interesting topics to come up with.

Thanks for listening and for not barfing.


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