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  • Someone might refer to Glen Delorme, Jr. as an avid horseman, hunter and fisherman, as far as fishing goes he’s actually been fishing professionally for almost 14 years now.

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  • Someone might refer to Glen Delorme, Jr. as an avid horseman, hunter and fisherman, as far as fishing goes he’s actually been fishing professionally for almost 14 years now. In fact, Delorme has indeed secured himself the rank of professional fisherman by winning a spot for the first time on the US Ice Team recently in Wausau, Wisconsin where he competed with many professional ice fisherman to secure a spot to fish in the Ice Fishing World Championship, an event similar to the Olympics where fishermen compete for the Gold. Delorme has made history by being the first Native American to achieve this status.
    Delorme is an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indian’s in Belcourt, North Dakota and a lineal descendent of the Spirit Lake Tribe in Fort Totten, North Dakota. Glen, Jr. is the son of Glen Delorme, Sr. and Loretta Cavanaugh Delorme, who is an enrolled member of the Spirit Lake Tribe of Fort Totten, N.D.
    Delorme is well known in the world of recreational and professional gaming, fishing, and sporting. He is by nature a hunter, fisherman, horseman; and owner of Spirit Water Inn Resort in Minnewaukan, North Dakota. From 2001-2009 he was also the co-owner and operator of North Dakota Legends, Hunting, Guiding, and Tours Service in conjunction with Spirit Lake Casino and Spirit Lake Nation. Among his impressive hunting and fishing accomplishments he is also an avid horseman who was involved in the 2011 Licensed Horse Owner, Trainer & Pony Rider for the North Dakota Racing Commission, a 2011 1st Place Winner at Chippewa Downs High Money Thoroughbred Stakes Race earning him a new track record and is owner and trainer of Thoroughbred “IMAREALGUY.” Besides all of his sportsmen accomplishments Delorme is also involved with the American Cancer Society, sponsoring hunts, instrumental in bringing North American Ice Fishing Circuit Tournament with NBC Sports to Turtle Mountain Chippewa Tribe in Belcourt, North Dakota in January 2012 and partnered in newly patented, upcoming Diver Duck Decoy Line with Wildlife artist, Tom Wosika. Glen’s life as avid and professional sportsman has earned him spots on commercials and TV shows such as Yetti’s Ultimate Hunt, Snow Goose Show, The Duck Commander, Ice Men TV Reality Show for NBC Sports among others.
    Delorme’s first interest in fishing was sparked by his father Glen Delorme, Sr. at the age of 10 years old. Glen Jr. recalls making his own ice fishing rod with his father by using a broomstick or a 2x2 with two screws attached to it to hold the line. As for a reel, Delorme said, “My reel was my two hands.” He also recalls tying a line to pop cans which served as a bobber which was as advanced as he could get as a 10 years old. Little did he know that his skills as a young boy would serve to his advantage during his career as a professional ice fisherman. The rules in the World Ice Fishing Championship do not allow for the use of any electronics including electric augers; one might say that it goes back to good old basic fishermen skills and instincts.
    Page 2 of 3 - Delorme is used to using the latest ice fishing gadgets that are right now on the cutting edge of technology. In fact many of his ice fishing poles and lures aren’t even out on the market yet that he’s obtained from as far as Russia and Sweden. Delorme refers to this as an advantage of fishing with the professional circuits. Delorme began his career as a professional fisherman about 14 years ago when started fishing the Dave Genz (professional fisherman and inventor) “Trap Attack” circuit. Since then Glen has been fishing in the NAIFC circuit for the past 6-7 years. While on this circuit, Delorme has done very well in many competitions including a 1st Place in the 2010 NAIFC Tournament Series in Richmond, South Dakota and 2nd Place in the 2005 North Dakota State Bluegill Championship at Lake Metigoshe, North Dakota. These wins kept him on the circuit and helped him realize his dream of being a member of the USA Ice Team.
    Thirty Anglers from seven different states competed for a spot on the US Ice Team in Wausau, Wisconsin the weekend of March 8-12, 2012 on the Big Eau Pleine Reservoir. Along with other team winners, Delorme will compete in next winter’s 2013 World Ice Fishing Championship at a yet undisclosed location. This year’s World Ice Fishing Championship was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, a transcontinental country in Central Asia and Europe. It was held in Poland in 2009 and in Rhinelander, Wisconsin in 2010, which the US Ice Team won. Participating countries in the World Ice Fishing Championship include: the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Belorussia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, United States, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Belarus, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Norway, Iceland, the Czech Republic, Moldavia and Romania.
    Myron Gilbert of Brooklyn, Michigan, a one-time ring holder for the US Ice Team and the World Ice Fishing Championship and two-time ring holder for the NAIFC, commented on the event in Wausau, WI by saying, “WOW what a hard fought competition it was to make the team for the 2013 Ice Fishing World Championship's to be held in Wausau WI in February. It was by far the toughest event I have ever been involved with.”
    The USA Ice Team was reformed in 2008 with the sole purpose of fielding a national team, comprised of the most accomplished tournament ice anglers in the United States, which could represent the US in world competitions and become the country’s ambassadors of American ice angling abroad. The World Ice Fishing Championship (WIFC) is a well established, highly competitive international sporting event. The WIFC is not your typical ice fishing tournament. It is a true test of one’s skill, determination and endurance where fishers must rely on intuition, research, stamina and experience to find and catch fish.
    Ironically at the time of this interview Delorme had just gone back to a job he held a couple of years ago on the Spirit Lake Reservation as a Child Protection Investigator. He was asked to return to this position and readily agreed because he believes all children need someone to speak for them when they’re too afraid to speak for themselves. Due to a number of disturbing incidents he witnessed that action was not taken on, he resigned from this position. He spent his time concentrating on hunting and fishing, allowing him to seek out a lot of people in the field from all over the world that ultimately advanced his career in the sports. So along with this position he still will find time to run his resort and grocery store at the same time continue to promote the sport of ice fishing. Delorme commented on what this means for him personally by saying, “It’s been a goal of mine to make the team since there’s been gold, and know my second goal is to try to win a gold medal with the team we have now.”
    Page 3 of 3 - As far as Delorme’s professional career he believes he has gotten there because, “This takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get here.” And with this comes many benefits as Delorme has already been receiving numerous sponsorships for the upcoming fishing event. Delorme will remain an advocate in Indian Country and continue to work on behalf of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa to bring the NAIFC circuit championship to the Turtle Mountains if the Tribe so wishes. He is currently working with Jack Baker, President of Operations for the NAIFC to bring the tournament to Belcourt. Delorme is hopeful that bringing the World Ice Fishing Tournament to the Turtle Mountains can also be achieved. This would of course require the blessing of the Tribal Council and Tribal Tourism. Delorme commented, “I would love to see the World competition on my own lands. It would be something to see for both the tribe and the state.”
    Reprinted in the Devils Lake Journal from the Turtle Mountain Times by permission.

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