Water issues and road work continued to dominate news in the Devils Lake and Lake Region area during 2010.

Water issues and road work continued to dominate news in the Devils Lake and Lake Region area during 2010.
One of the top stories is the fact that Devils Lake’s east end outlet is currently on the drawing board in Bismarck.
After years and years of haggling, arguing and negotiating and the constant pressure from North Dakota’s Congressional delegation and other city and county officials, it will become a reality.
It will be run and controlled by the state, not the federal government and will help control and alleviate the flooding problems the region has experienced since 1993.
Another top story was the construction work that has resulted in dikes, raising roads and other measures to combat the flooding.
The effects have trickled down to many other phases of life as well.
Nearly a billion dollars has been spent on roads and other infrastructure over the years.
The installation of a new water system and treatment plant in Devils Lake also made the list.
It culminated nearly a decade of effort to secure the need for a new water supply for the city, most of which was paid for by the federal government.
The city smoking ban, which will take effect July 1, 2011, was another hot topic in the Lake Region, with many business owners and residents frequenting meetings to have their say.
The retirement of long-time Devils Lake Mayor Fred Bott and Senator Byron Dorgan  were also hot news.
Bott presided over the city during its flooding crisis before moving to Mandan earlier this year.
Dorgan has been a long-time supporter of Native American issues and will be sorely missed by people on the Spirit Lake Reservation just south of Devils Lake.
One of the most publicized stories, was the ongoing saga of 93-year-old Faith Mitzel of Oberon, who was involved in a fatal accident with some motorcyclists on the Spirit Lake Reservation.
Also making the list was the elevation of Dick Johnson from City Commissioner to mayor, replacing Bott who spent 20 years at the helm of the city.
Johnson was a city commissioner for 20 years and is well-versed in the flooding, construction and road issues facing the city.
The election of Dale Robbins to city commission, the election of Ed Brown to a new term on the County Commission and the re-election of Scott Diseth were also big news in Devils?Lake, as was the “no” vote in the election that would have provided financial support for the Heritage Center.
Another of the top stories was the apprehension of 16 people in a drug bust in November.