Chuck Olson said this is the busiest December he can recall in his 36 years with Target Roofing.


Chuck Olson said this is the busiest December he can recall in his 36 years with Target Roofing.
“I can't remember when we got this much snow at one time,” he said.
Roofing companies throughout the area have been busy clearing roofs of homes and businesses, just in time for another storm to hit the Lake Region region tonight.
“There's not a whole lot you can do before,” Olson said. “You just have to get the snow off and not add more snow to it.”
The biggest problem, he said, are the ice dams forming on buildings.
Ice dams are ridges of ice that form on the edge of a roof when warm air leaks from the home or temperatures rise enough to melt the snow. The dams prevent the rest of the melting snow and water from running off the roof. The water instead backs up behind the dam and can get under the shingles and leak into the home, causing damage to walls, ceilings, insulation and other areas.
The warmer temperatures Devils Lake has been experiencing have added to the problem.
“There's just so much snow,” Olson said.
The heavy snow could also lead to the roof collapsing, which has become a real fear for some residents.
Assistant Fire Chief Corey Meyer said it is also important to clean sewer stacks and vents after a large snowfall.
“You don't want sewer gas seeping into your home,” he said.
Meyer advises all residents to hire a professional to clear their roofs, but said those who plan to do it themselves should take precautions.
“Be safe,” he said. “If your roof is steep, tie off to a chimney with a rope. Just be careful.”
Olson said Target Roofing has received more calls for the service than they can keep up with and they are currently backed up about a week.
He said so far they haven't encountered any major damage from the snow, but every heavy snowfall creates more of a risk to homes and businesses.
“There's been lots of leaking, but we haven't seen any structural damage,” he said. “But, if we get another foot of snow, who knows.”